Dagfinn Bakke (born 1933) is a painter, illustrator and graphic artist. He lives and works in the Lofoten Islands, north of the Arctic Circle in northern Norway. Dagfinn Bakke has had exhibitions in a number of different countries, and his works are on display at many public art galleries, including the Norwegian National Gallery.

The natural enviroment of North-Norway in which Dagfinn Bakke grew up remains at the core of his art. His paintings continue to draw the viewer into that world of uique light and landscape wich he understands and cherishes. As much as this corner of the planet can be a place of violent weather and a topography both dramatic and unforgiving, it is also a place mystic and secretive in its mood.

”In this kind of grandiose landscape, people appear insignificant, lost in the deep perspectives of the scene. Soon, in fact, they may disappear swallowed up in the mist and driving rain”,  says Leif Østby, former first curator of the Norwegian National Gallery. Continuing, he adds, ”Yet, Dagfinn Bakke can relax with mild studies drawing from the very same place, perhaps a pond in the summer stillness, a shaft of sunlight, a veil of mist, or a shining sea with a gentle swell. This capasity of a direkt an natural expression places Dagfinn Bakke in a tradition which remains strong and vital in our art.”

Dagfinn Bakke has had extensive solo exhibitions in galleries across  all of Norway, as well as in the United States, Spain, Sweden and the Faroe Islands, and he has participated in exhibitions in Russland, Germany, Greece, England, Sweden, Spain and France.  He has been commissioned for works in many public buildings and been frequently recognized for the destinctly Nordic quality in his work in being asked to participate in prestigious Scandinavian venues. His drawings have been enjoyed in the  pages of magazines, books and on Norwegian TV. For several decades, he has been a popular illustrator for the newspaper ”Lofotposten”, in Svolvær.

If you visit the Lofoten Islands take the opportunity of visiting Gallery Dagfinn Bakke in Svolvær. The gallery is situated in Richard Withs gate 4, near the Hurtigrute-terminal and the War Museum.
Free entry. Open daytime Monday to Saturday.